Saturday, March 12, 2016

Land of Scrolls Short Fiction Story

Land of Scrolls Short Fiction Story

Land of Scrolls

A long time ago in land far, far from here, where magic is still possible and where good and evil still fight an endless war whose result will change the course of time in our universe. In this ancient time an Angel of Light fall down from the sky on this long forgotten land. A group of man find him laying on the green grass between White river and Old forest. 

In one hand Angel had a blank paper scroll burned from all sides and in the other hand a sword of light. These ancient artifacts Angel gave the man who have find him and told them just before he died. Keep safe these artifacts until one day when someone will come, the someone who can read an oath written on this scroll.  That is how you will know that he is the Chosen One and that he must claim this magic sword of light and protect this land from evil. They didn't see any oath written on Angels scroll not even a single letter written on it. The last words of the Angels was: ''Someday the One who is chosen will come, and he will read this Scroll and this oath written on it. Then he will take this sword of light and reclaim the throne in the Falling kingdom, defeat the evil once and for all and vanquish darkness from this land, a land which from now on will be know as Land of Scrolls.''

With his last breath Angel's magic get into this five man who find him and make them immortal so they could keep safe this artifacts until that one day when Chosen One arrives, and with his arrival their quest will be completed and their immortality will disappear. Until this day they are still immortal and their quest are still incomplete. Many have come to try to read an oath written on the ancient scroll but no one succeed, and sword of light is still unclaimed along with Falling kingdoms throne. The ancient scroll is still standing here today, waiting someone to read his words. 

Do you want to see ancient scroll?

Do you want to try to read the scroll? 

Are you the Chosen One?

Are you?

Why don't you find out? Come here and try!

Written by Saša Maričić for Land of Scrolls